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The Henna Page

Help Build the Music List:
send us YOUR playlist!

What do you like to listen to while you're working on henna at home, at a show, wedding, or festival? You tell us what you like!  Henna Page and Mehandi send you treats!

Here's what you do:

  • Write down what 5 music CD's you love to listen to when you henna, inspire you to henna, enhance your henna "atmosphere", or are culturally relevant to henna
  •  Make sure these CD's are available on Amazon.com. This will insure that people can buy and sample them. 
  • Write a review of each and tell why you like to have them on when you henna, or what they have to do with henna or how they are culturally relevant to henna
  • Tell us what treats you'd like from  Mehandi.com!  Pick out up to $10 worth of merchandise (not including shipping) and we'll send you whatever you like to you as a thank you for your playlist!
  • Tell us where to send your treats!
  • Email this information to Roy, music@hennapage.com

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