What's New?
May 2005:
Las Vegas Henna Conference
Free Ebook released, The Henna Page "HowTo" Patterns Volume 2: The Secret Henna Diaries by The Reverend Bunny
April 2005:
The Henna Page Guide to Henna, an instructional slideshow about henna for use by teachers released.
March, 2005:
New Forum script!
Free Ebook released, "The Henna Page HowTo Mix Henna"
February 2005:
Our 100,000th visitor!
Glory of Henna, by Deepali Deshpande is released.
Alex Morgan creates New Logos for The Henna Page and site group.
Harquus.com, Hennaconference.com and Hennapedia.com are new sites in the group.
Monday Munchies begin ... great food from HP regulars.
Free ebook released: The Henna Page HowTo "Patterns Volume 1"
January 2005:
The first FREE ebook released: Knotwork
December 2004
The Tuesday Twiddle begins, a regular feature at The Henna Page, a step-by-step series to show beginners "how to" do complex henna work, and help experienced henna artists build speed and versatility.
A series of articles on the Botany of Henna added to the Encyclopedia of Henna: Henna: Lawsonia Inermis Henna Flowers, Germinating Henna SeedsGrowing Henna in the House, Lawsone, and  Henna in the Bible.
Milling Henna Leaves: Donkey-powered and water powered henna mills article added to the Encyclopedia of Henna
Henna for Children in Siwa Oasis, Egypt
article added to the Encyclopedia of Henna
Knotwork for Henna Artists ... a free ebook from The Henna Page
Monday Music at The Henna Page begins!  People send in music they love to work by....... see new listings on the Forum every Monday

November 2004

The Friday Funnies begin: humor to lighten things up, especially humor from countries where henna is an indigenous art.  See these on the Forum every Friday!
The Sunday Papers begin: news stories from around the world that feature (or at least mention) henna.  See these on the Forum every Sunday!
Dipti Desai's Mehandi Volume 1 and Volume 2 are released through The Henna Page ... beautiful books, with free samples in the Free Pattern section.!
New articles in the Encyclopedia of Henna: Henna and Fingernails, Wudu,  Patterns for Henna and FingernailsHow to Henna Your Fingernails.

October 2004

Tech Pages added How to Get Your Stuff on the Web  and Tools and Other Useful Things
Jessica McQueen’s Arabesque samples and Kim Brennan’s Ganesha’s Henna Garden samples are both added to the Free Lineart section.
The Henna Page bookstore releases both Arabesque and Ganesha’s Henna Garden for sales
New article in the Encyclopedia: Henna and Saccharides, showing the small miracles of dextrose and fructose.

September 2004

The Henna Page gets trademarked!
The Henna Page and Henna For Hair were both added to Wikipedia.
Posting Guidelines added for the Forum.
New articles in the Encyclopedia: Henna Farming in Pakistan 
Tech Pages added Virus Protection/Sheilds Pt 2

August 2004

Tech Pages get an Index , articles about Mass-Mailing Worms, and Virus Protection/Sheilds.
New articles in the Business section: First Aid and Liability  and Risk Assement for artists.
New articles in the Encyclopedia: Henna Cultivation/Processing in India, and the Color Chart .
New article in the How section: Cone Rolling Video.

July 2004

June 2004
PPD Black Henna Warnings information translated to French.
New articles in the Encyclopedia:  Henna in the Ebers Papyrus and Copyright Law for Henna Artists.
New articles in  the HOW section: Shading and Willowhawk's Gilding Mix.
The Henna Page bookstore releases "Tulips of Topkapi" by Alex Morgan” and some free sample patterns to accompany it.
May 2004

April 2004

March 2004

Discovery Channel airs a program “Eye of the Beholder” containing an interview with Catherine Cartwright-Jones.
New articles in the How section: Magic Tricks and Left Overtures  and Resist Methods.
Alex Morgan’s resist patterns go into the Free Lineart Section.
February 2004

January 2004

Henna Page Pattern Index goes up, and the sale of Mylar triangles for cones begins.
With the launch of Henna for Hair we begin shifting hair related questions to that site’s forum.

 December 2003

New articles in the Encyclopedia: The Science of Henna and Skin.

November 2003

New articles in the Encyclopedia: henna traditions in Jewish Kurdistan, Ramadan, and the Geography of HennaIlithiya's patterns go into the Free Lineart Section.

October 2003

The Henna Page opens The Encyclopedia of Henna, and adds articles on Jewish Kurdish henna traditions and more.  The Henna Page Bookstore releases 3 new books, The St. Pancras Henna Pattern Book, Bejewelled, and How to Start Your Own Henna Business.   The Henna Page Forum Archives open for use, with indexes by subject of previous discussions. Gryphoemia has a new clinical definition and a list of case histories.  When people need resource material to research henna, now they can look in the Reference Library.

September 2003

The new home page and photograph, "Al-Hadi"  goes in, linking to a statement of mission and goals for The Henna Page: The Henna Page Mission Statement.    Catherine Cartwright-Jones adds the  Manager's Page so people will know a little about her, and have her contact information. The Forum gets a new "look" and goes to twice monthly updates.  All the "dead pages" now resolve to the new  "Welcome, Friends" page.  Catherine enlists a paid team of "Elves" who edit, organize posts for the archive index, persue copyright violators, and keep the forum clear of spam and trolls.  Catherine updates requirements for artists and suppliers, to make certain that people can use The Henna Page as a reliable resource.

August 2003

New central navigation indexes, linking from The Henna Page Main Index are created for easier navigation around the quickly growing Henna Page.  The new upper navigation bar is constructed, because there are more major subject areas.  Henna Page Artists start sending in their line art for a new Henna Page Line Art section.

May-June 2003

"How" section reconstructed.  The purpose of the new "How" section is to begin a dynamic online "Encyclopedia of Henna" of  techniques, mixes, history, traditions, chemistry, patterns ... to better serve the henna community and help more people understand, appreciate, and enjoy .... as well as DO ... this wonderful 9000 year old art!

May 2003

Henna Page Search added so people can find answers to questions more easily, as well as Henna Page Lexicon so people can figure out what we're talking about.

April 2003

Henna Page Store with Shop@Henna Page and Henna Page Publishing opens.  Henna Page Publishing showcases The Henna Page artists' pattern books, with downloadable e-books as well as physical books.  Shop @ Henna Page sells materials for henna artists. All proceeds of both go to support The Henna Page and The Henna Page artists.

February - March 2003

"PPD Black Henna" Warnings reconstructed, so clients, artists, journalists, lawyers, and health care workers can easily access information on "PPD Black Henna", supported with published medical papers and case studies.

February 2003

Artists and Suppliers section reconstructed: no artist or supplier using PPD Black Henna will be allowed advertising on The Henna Page.  Only artists and suppliers who maintain ethical, safe business practices are listed on The Henna Page "Where", so clients who come to Henna Page "Where" can be certain they're dealing with the best!

January 22, 2003

Catherine Cartwright-Jones signs a contract with Jeremy Rowntree to take over The Henna Page.  Catherine becomes responsible for fiscal management, content, and webmastering of The Henna Page, and begins reorganization.

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Prior to January 22, 2003, Jeremy Rowntree was The Henna Page owner, operator and manager.
28th February 2002
Updated the Book Shop
18th January 2002
Henna Page Journal launched
11th January 2002
Added FDA Rant to the top of the Forum, and updated the Book Shop
9th January 2002
Added "Henna for Hair" section to the Links page
13th October 2001
Complete revamp of the What page
25th January 2001
Added a link to Catherine's Symbols page to the What page
24th January 2001
Added eight new entries to the Where page (Artists' section)
1st October 2000
Added four new galleries to the What page
29th September 2000
Added new PPD "black henna" information section.
27th September 2000
Added a link to www.kanjitattoos.com to the Links page and the What page
5th May 2000
Added some more of my pictures to Gallery 3 and enhanced the gallery navigation
20th April 2000
Phew. Massive effort has seen my stack of unprocessed artist, supplier and link requests reduced to zero. And two days ago I still had stuff outstanding since 1998! <blush> So, if you're not listed on the Where page now and you would like to be, please email me, because you're definitely not in the waiting list.

I've also added a contribution to the Othersection of the How page
14th April 2000
Added to the Forum FAQ a description of how to include images in posts 
15th March 2000
Added some new donated pictures to Gallery 5.

Added a link from the Wherepage to Rupal's list of artists.
11th March 2000
Well, here it is. The new version of The Henna Page, complete with its own URL (www.hennapage.com). Update your bookmarks now! Hope you like it.
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