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Description/Editorial Content:

The Henna Page Journal is the only on-line publication specifically related to the study and advancement of henna and related arts.


Readers form a broad based group of individuals interested in the arts, diverse ethnic cultures, small businesses, dance, jewellery and many other related subjects.


The Henna Page is accessed by over 3000 users per day and receives over 400,000 page hits per month. Advertising options include Banner ads at the end of the page, and Small ads at the side of the page, each with link to your website. The front cover is priced separately. Contact if you are interested.

Acceptance of adverts is subject to approval of the design by the editorial team. Animated adverts will not be accepted.


Article Banner (see below):

  • $25 per quarter
  • $75 per year

Article Small Ad (see left):

  • $25 per quarter
  • $75 per year

Cover Banner:

  • $75 per quarter

Cover Small Ad:

  • $75 per quarter

Special Offers

  • Buy your first small ad or banner - get 1 free (excludes cover)
  • Buy 3 banners - get 2 free (excludes cover)
  • Buy 3 small ads - get 2 free (excludes cover)
  • Article contributors get a free banner advert on the first page, the last page and any appendix pages of their article.


All payments are subject to a 3 day grace period, during which a full refund may be requested without charge. After 3 days, the payment becomes final and no refund can be offered.

Advert Design Service Available

We can design your advert for you, if you wish. Contact for more information.

Banner Specifications:

  • Banners may be sent as an e-mail attachment
  • Screen size: 450 pixels wide by up to 160 pixels in height
  • File format: gif, or jpg
  • File size: 20k maximum (ideally, less than 10k)
  • Template (download and edit): GIF JPG

Small Ad Specifications:

  • Send a small ad file per above instructions
  • Screen size: 120 pixels wide by up to 220 pixels in height
  • File format: gif, or jpg
  • File size: 20k maximum (ideally, less than 10k)
  • Template (download and edit): GIF JPG

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have deadlines for advert submission?
We aim to have advertising in place before the launch of each issue. The launch deadline will be advertised on the forum, or you can ask us to put your email address on an advertisers' mailing list. Unfilled advertising slots will be available for purchase at any time after launch.
What is the turn-around time once an advert has been submitted?
Your advert will be in place within two weeks from the date payment is received. Advert exposure time is counted from the day the advert goes live.
Do year-long adverts move to each new current issue as it is launched?
Yes, all advert slots will always be in the current issue. When articles are archived as the next issue is launched, the adverts will be transferred to the new current issue. Author's free advertising banners will stay with the article with which they were submitted.
Do I get a choice as to where my advert is placed?
Yes, again on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the article list is finalised, a list of authors / titles will be emailed to the advertisers mailing list. If a particular article appeals to you, just mail back. Page slots will be allocated sequentially until the article is full.
Do I have to use your design service?
No, you are welcome to provide your own advert, provided it complies with the specifications given above. Adverts will be assessed by the editorial team. You will be advised if the content is.inappropriate to the tone of the Journal. Animation is not acceptable.
How do I pay?
The Henna Page has an international verified Paypal account (registered address, or you can send a dollar cheque or International Money Order. Further details are available. All money is held in a Henna Page account, which is used to fund server costs, development costs and the promotion of henna
What if I change my mind?
You have 3 days from the date on which you pay for your advert in which to cancel your advert request. No refund requests will be considered after this period.



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