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Flora and Fauna
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Flora and Fauna

Beasts & Not So Scary Animals

A Lizard’s Tale
Fairies, Frogs, and Dolphins
Ganesha 1
Ganesha 2
Happiness Bats
Mehandi Volume Two by Dipti Desai
Pueblo Rain Bird Patterns
Year of the Goat
Year of the Snake

Floral Patterns
Learn the Foofy Pattern
Learn the Hump Pattern
Learn the Wibble Leaf Pattern
Learn the Fishbone Pattern
Learn the Mummy Pattern
Learn the Sprout Pattern
Learn the Bud Pattern
Laura Farinacci-Grantham’s Henna Patterns
Ilithiya’s Henna Patterns
Catherine Cartwright-Jones’ Flower Patterns
Cherry Blossom Hand Pattern
Chrysanthemum Hand Pattern
Cyclamen Foot Pattern
Daisy Hand Pattern
Egyptian Lotus Hand Pattern
Floral Patterns for Bare Feet
Ganesha’s Henna Garden by Kim Brennan
Grapevine Hand Pattern
Ivy Hand Pattern
Magnolia Hand Pattern
Mistletoe Hand Pattern
Myrtle Hand Pattern
Native Flowers of Hawai’i
Oak Hand Pattern
Orange Hand Pattern
Peach Blossom Hand Pattern
Pear Blossoms Hand Pattern
Pinks Hand Pattern
Red & White Roses Hand Pattern
Rose Hand Pattern
Shamrock Hand Pattern
Thistle Hand Pattern
Thorn Hand Pattern
Tulips of Topkapi by Alex Morgan
Warrior Resist Patterns by Alex Morgan

Heart Patterns
Heart Pattern from Islington Cafe Graffiti
Heart Patterns from Medieval Art
Heart Pattern for hands
Heart Pattern Necklace

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