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Beginner Level

Learn the Fishbone Pattern

Learn the Mummy Pattern

Learn the Sprout Pattern

Learn the Game Pattern

Learn the ?S?S? Pattern

Learn the Bud Pattern

Ganesha's Henna Garden by Kim Brennan

Ganesha's Henna Garden by Kim Brennan

Henna Patterns for the Aspiring Artist pages

Spellstone: Origin 1 page 1

Spellstone: Origin 1 page 2

Spellstone: Origin 2 page 1

Spellstone: Origin 2 page 2

Spellstone: Africa pages

Id al’Adha pages

12th Bengali Art Adaptations

13th C Persian Art Adaptations

1600 BCE Minoan Art Adaptations

1600 BCE Mycenaean Art Adaptations

16th C Turkish Art Adaptations

19th C North African Patterns

Bold Patterns for Reapplying

Bold Patterns for Thick Applications

Creating Patterns with Contrasting Tones

Heart Pattern from Islington Cafe Graffiti

Knot 1 with Instructions

Knot 2 with Instructions

Knot 3 with Instructions

Moorish Spanish Art Adaptations

Ozzfest Tribals

Patterns for Subtle Effects

Patterns from a Rajasthani Choli

Patterns from Iraqi Art 9th to 14th C

Patterns from Turkestani Art

Pentagrams and Hearts with instructions

Persian Knot 1 with Instructions

Spanish Knot 1 with Instructions

Spanish Knot 2 with Instructions

Syrian Patterns 9th to 15th C

Traditional Arabian Henna Patterns

Traditional Moroccan Henna Patterns

Traditional Sudanese Henna Patterns

West African Bandage Technique

Intermediate Level

Tracy Fisher’s Henna Patterns

Justine Willowhawk’s Henna Jewels

Phoenix Tatiana’s Free Patterns

Ilithiya’s Henna Patterns

Laura Farinacci-Grantham’s Henna Patterns

Willowhawk's Henna Patterns

CCJ’s St. Pancras Patterns
Willowhawk’s Magical Mehendi pages

Lezard’s First pages

St. Pancras Henna Pattern Book

Jewish Patterns from Kurdish Folk Art pages

Spellstone: Europe page 1

Spellstone: Tribal 1 pages

Spellstone: Tribal 2 pages

Henna: The Joyous Body Art pages

Native American Tribal Patterns

Childbirth and Postpartum Henna Traditions

A Lizard’s Tale

12th C Ladakhi Art Adaptations

17th C Indian Art

18th C Rajasthani Art

Arabic Words Adapted as Henna Patterns

Architectural ornament in St. Pancras Station 1

Architectural ornament in St. Pancras Station 2

Archway Ornament in an Anglican Cathedral

Autumn Equinox Patterns

Bushoong Traditional Pattern

Cherry Blossom Hand Pattern

Chrysanthemum Hand Pattern

Daisy Hand Pattern


Egyptian Lotus Hand Pattern

Fairies, Frogs, and Dolphins

Floral Patterns for Bare Feet

Grapevine Hand Pattern

Ganesha's Henna Garden by Kim Brennan

Ganesha's Henna Garden by Kim Brennan

Arabesque Patterns by Jessica McQueen

Arabesque Patterns by Jessica McQueen

Arabesque Patterns by Jessica McQueen

Heart Patterns from Medieval Art

Hip to Hip Patterns for Rocker Gurlz

Id al’Adha Khamsa Patterns

Igbo Traditional Pattern

Irish Patterns

Islington Architectural Ornament 1

Ivy Hand Pattern

Japanese Characters

Magnolia Hand Pattern

Mehandi Volume One Patterns by Dipti Desai

Mistletoe Hand Pattern

More Hip to Hip Patterns for Rocker Gurlz

Myrtle Hand Pattern

Oak Hand Pattern

Om Patterns

Orange Hand Pattern

Ornament in St. Pancras Chambers

Pattern Adapted from Wallpaper in English Tearoom

Patterns Based on the Sankofa

Patterns based on Traditional Ghanian Art

Patterns for Breasts

Patterns for Dancing in the Moonlight

Patterns for Fingers

Patterns from Afghani Art

Patterns from Arabic Art 14th to 18th C

Patterns from Bedouin Art

Patterns from Berber Art

Patterns from Ethiopian Art

Patterns from Indian art

Patterns from Indonesia

Patterns from Israeli Art

Patterns from Karnataka

Patterns from Pakistani Art

Patterns from Persian Art

Patterns from Ribari Art

Patterns from Sri Lanka

Patterns from Tamil Nadu

Patterns from Tunisian Art

Patterns from Tuareg Art

Peace Patterns 1

Peace Patterns 2

Peace Patterns 3

Peach Blossom Hand Pattern

Pear Blossoms Hand Pattern

Pinks Hand Pattern

Red & White Roses Hand Pattern

Rose Hand Pattern

Shamrock Hand Pattern

Thistle Hand Pattern

Thorn Hand Pattern

Tulips of Topkapi by Alex Morgan

Tulips of Topkapi by Alex Morgan

Traditional Yoruba Patterns

Warrior Patterns by Alex Morgan

Wine Chalice Pattern: Victoria and Albert Museum

Year of the Snake

Advanced level

Catherine Cartwright-Jones’ Flower Patterns

15th C Persian Art Adaptations


Mehandi Volume Two Patterns by Dipti Desai

Native Flowers of Hawai’i

Ornament in the Victoria & Albert Tearoom

Ozzfest Knotwork

Patterns for Soles

Patterns for Warrior Princesses

Patterns from Turkish Art


Pregnancy Patterns

Pueblo Rain Bird Patterns

Sephardic Jewish Patterns


St. Pancras Chambers Ornament 3

St. Pancras Chambers Ornament 4

St. Pancras Chambers Ornament 5

Star and leaf pattern

Strategies and Tactics

Warrior Patterns by Alex Morgan

Warrior Patterns by Alex Morgan

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