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Historical images and techniques of North African henna from 1900 to 1920. 5 MB pdf

Caution: this book contains nude images and may unsuitable for children.
North African Henna: Elements2

The Henna Page "HowTo"

North African Henna Elements  

Fundamental elements for Marrakechi style henna.

10 MB pdf
North African Henna Diamonds and Stars

The Henna Page "HowTo"

North African Diamonds and Stars  

Diamond and Star patterns for North African style henna work.

8 MB pdf
North African Patterns

The Henna Page "HowTo"
North African Patterns

Full patterns for hands and feet
8 MB pdf
HowTo Mix

The Henna Page "HowTo"
Mix Henna
Learn to mix your own henna paste
for better results at lower cost:
1.5 MB PDF
How to Apply Henna

The Henna Page "HowTo"
Apply Henna

Learn to apply henna with traditional
and modern tools:
Postpartum Henna Traditions

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

The Functions of Childbirth
and Postpartum Henna Traditions
Information on henna childbirth traditions,
 G6PD deficiency and kohl,
with citations from medical
and scientific journal articles. 
36 pages, 2 MB PDF
Significance of Henna

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

Henna’s Significance in Amazigh Id, Circumcision and "Night of the Henna"

Moroccan traditions of henna for Id al-Adha, circumcision, and the “Night of the Henna", based on eyewitness accounts from the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  PDF
Free book of gilding

The Henna Page "How To"
Gilding, Glitter and Gems

Learn to bedazzle your henna with gilding pastes, glitter and gems! 
Patterns 1

The Henna Page "HowTo"
Patterns Volume 1

Learn to do henna patterns like a pro
Free Pattern Book 2

The Henna Page "HowTo"
Patterns Volume 2:
The Secret Henna Diaries

Popular, eclectic patterns 
The Henna Page free pattern book #3

The Henna Page "HowTo"
Patterns Volume 3:

Learn to do henna patterns like a pro 
Finding Blue

Finding Blue: the history and techniques of Celtic Woading and Body Art

Catherine Cartwright-Jones:

Finding Blue ~ History
examines the historic record of Celtic woading and  indigo body art

Finding Blue ~ Science
explains how blue body art is created with woad and indigo

Finding Blue ~ Technique shows you how to create woad and indigo patterns 

Finding Blue ~ Patterns  
has more patterns for woad and indigo
Henna for Hair

Henna for Hair "How To" Henna

Rediscover the lost history, science, and "how to" of dyeing your hair with plants, not chemicals.

A guide to creating SAFE black temporary tattoos without dangerous "black henna", without para-phenylenediamine or other coal tar dyes.  This ebook has "step by step" instructions for tribal style body art in safe, easy to use harquus. 2 MB PDF  
HOwTo Knotwork

The Henna Page "HowTo" Knotwork

A guide to knotwork for henna artists:

Rangoli is a sacred women's folk art in India.  Here's the "why" and  “how - to” of rangoli, and traditional rangoli patterns from different areas in India. PDF
Masters thesis

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

Developing Guidelines on Henna:
a Geographical Approach

Master's thesis: a comprehensive discussion  on the botany, chemistry, history and traditions of henna, and the legal and cutural issues that have arisen since 1990.
13 MB zipped PDF
Hindu Wedding

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

 Hindu Wedding,  by Dipti Desai
This free ebook explains the sequence of parties and rituals for Gujarati Hindu weddings, the meaning and importance of the traditions, and photographs of the events.
Id al-adha

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

Id al-Adha: The  Muslim Feast of Sacrifice, and the Significance of Henna in this Sacrifice.

This paper details Id sacrifice traditions and effects, focusing on henna and ecosystem management, from its origins in the Neolithic Mediterranean world, to present day. 1.5 MB PDF
Henna is NOT black

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

 Henna Is Not Black

This is an information packet on the dangers of para-phenylenediamine "black henna".  It includes a list of published medical papers detailing the hazards of using para-phenylenediamine on skin, what you should tell your physician if you are injured, and how to avoid street vendors who use para-phenylenediamine.
Slide Show

The Henna Page Encyclopedia of Henna

The Henna Page Guide to Henna

Use this slide show to teach henna classes: combine this slide show with free ebooks from The Henna Page and  your own expertise and demonstrations  for a great henna class!  "The Henna Page Guide to Henna" is appropriate for ages 14 and up.
The Henna Page Guide to Henna
2 MB PowerPoint
The Henna Page Guide to Henna: PDF 2.5 MB
The Henna Page Calendar

The Henna Page 2007 Calendar
The Henna Page Calendar 2006 is your downloadable henna date book, resource list, reference, and inspiration for the new year
 ... and its FREE!

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Slideshows and Videos
produced for The Henna Page by Roy Jones
Happy Hands
"Happy Hands" presented
by Catharine (Hennacat) Hinton
23 MB wmv 
This video shows yoga techniques
for the henna artist: relaxing and
strengthening hands, wrists, and backs
for comfort and endurance in those
important henna jobs!
A Bride's Hand
Step by Step: The Bride's Hand:
Artist: Riffat Bahar
14 MB wmv
Watch Riffat Bahar create magnificent patterns on a bride's hand!
Kim Brennan, Artist at Work
"Artist at Work" Kim Brennan
40MB wmv file
Watch a henna artist create beautiful henna patterns!
Meet the Artist: Kim
Meet the Artist:
Kim Brennan 
1 MB wmv file
Watch the author of Mehndi Masala
create one of the lovely patterns from
her book!

Deborah Brommer
"Artist at Work":
Deborah Brommer  
20 MB wmv file
Watch the author of "Aloha" at work!
"Artist at Work":
Deepali Deshpande
13 MB wmv file
The author of
"The Glory of Henna" uses fine
detail to decorate a simple subject.
shaded henna

Naturalistic Henna Work:
This video shows henna techniques adapted from painting 17 MB wmv
Harquus 1  Harquus 3
Instructional slideshows for Harquus:  A SAFE black body paint used to make temporary tattoos
1) View "Viking Dragon", step by step: 8 MB download, wmv file
2) View "Scorpion Dance", step by step: 5 MB download, wmv file
3) View "Swan", step by step:  7 MB download, wmv file
Videos of Ancient Blue Body Art:
Reconstructing  Celtic pre-Christian woading body art.
Full Body Indigo   10 MB file           Tish's Hand: 10 MB file
Carmel's Hands:  10 MB file            Leah's Hand:  10 MB file
Mandy's Hand:  10 MB file
These video  files are in "Windows Media" (WMV) format. The native application for this format is the Windows Media Player, which is already installed on all versions of Windows.  If you're a Mac user, you can download a version of Windows Media Player for your Mac at the Microsoft "Mactopia" site.
The Henna Page Greeting Cards and Desktop Wallpaper

The Henna Page Greeting Cards and Wallpaper
The Henna Page Greeting Cards and Wallpaper

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