Free Henna Page E-books in Translation

How to Mix Henna  How to Apply Henna  Harquus, a SAFE black temporary tattoo

"HowTo Mix Henna"  "HowTo Apply Henna"  "Harquus" Translations


The Henna Page “Jak To Się Robi?” Mieszanie henny

The Henna Page “Jak To Się Robi?” Nakładanie henny

The Henna Page “Jak To Się Robi?” Harquus

The Henna Page Nasil: Kına Sanatçıları İçin Düğümişi

The Henna Page – Kına “Nasıl” Karıştırılır

The Henna Page –  “Nasıl”  Harquus Yapılır

The Henna Page – Kına “Nasıl” Uygulanır

The Henna Page: “Como” Mezclar la Henna
The Henna Page:  “Como” Aplicar la Henna

The Henna Page: “Como” Harquus  


The Henna Page “Hvordan” Mikse Henna

The Henna Page “Hvordan” Legge Henna

The Henna Page “Hvordan” Male Harquus

The Henna Page “HowTo”  Как смешать хну

The Henna Page “How-To” Как наносить хну

The Henna Page Guide to Henna: Роспись тела хной
The Henna Page Guide to Harquus: Харкуус

The Henna Page "How To" Henna Mischen
Henna is NOT BLACK  "Henna is NOT Black" Translations:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Bulgarian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Estonian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Italian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Italian:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Turkish:

"Black Henna" Warnings in Japanese: 

"Black Henna Warnings in Polish:
 "Czym jest "Czarna Henna"? "

"Black Henna" Warnings in French:
"Black Henna" Warnings in Spanish: "LA HENNA NO ES NEGRA"
Brochure en Espanol: "LA HENNA NO ES NEGRA"

Booklet en Espanol: "Que Es La "Henna Negra?"

"Black Henna" Warnings in German

Black Henna Warnings in Hebrew:
"מה היא"חינה שחורה?"

Black Henna Warnings in  Norwegian

"Black Henna" Warnings in Russian!  Хна НЕ БЫВАЕТ черной!
Brochure: Хна НЕ БЫВАЕТ черной!

Booklet: Что такое «черная хна»?

"Black Henna Warnings in Dutch 
Booklet: "Wat is Zwarte Henna?"

Brochure: "Henna is NIET Zwart!"

Would you like to translate ebooks into  YOUR language, so people in your country will learn how to do henna beautifully and safely, and not harm themselves with "black henna"?  Email Catherine Cartwright-Jones, and tell her what you would like to translate and what language you speak.

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Choose either the group of three "HowTo" books or the two "Henna is NOT  Black"  ebooks.
Catherine will send you the documents to translate in Microsoft Word.  Translate them, and send them back to her in Microsoft Word.  She will convert them to PDF.  Then, she will send you  either:
  • 500g Jamila Summer 2006 henna
  • 500g Yemen Summer 2006 henna
  • 25 g Ancient Blue with instructions
  • glitter
  • glitter paste
  • 50 swarovski crystals
  • 50 mylar triangles
  • 20 carrot bags
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