How do you do henna?

How do you mix and apply henna?

There is NO "one way" or "right way" to mix and apply henna!

There are a thousand ways, each best for a particular situation.

Every henna is different and works well with some mixes and applications and poorly with others.  Every henna artist is different, and has favorite hennas, mixes, and tools. Every person has different skin, some responding well to one henna, another responding well to some other.  What works perfectly for one person  may not work well for another.  This "how" will keep growing, and never be entirely complete because henna technique is always growing.

If you would like to participate in the ongoing discussion of henna mixes and techniques, please visit The Henna Page Forum!
First thing: Get some henna
What is good henna?
How do you find good henna?

Second: Mix the henna
How do you mix henna
How do you mix henna?

Want to know more about the chemistry of how henna really works?  Read "The Chemistry of Henna."
Third: Apply the henna
How do you apply henna?
How do you apply henna

Fourth: Seal and wrap the henna
seal and wrap
How do you seal and wrap henna?

fine, finer, finest
How do you get fine lines?

Dark, darker, darkest
How do you get darker henna stains?

Where will you get the darkest stains?

How does henna stain your skin?

Turmeric work
How do you get other colors?

Black Henna
How do you make henna black?

Complex designs
How do you do more complex designs?
Henna and Dark Skin
How do you make henna "work" on dark skin?
Gilding, Gems and Glitter 
Glitter, Gilding and Zardosi Pastes

Harquus: A SAFE temporary black tatooo
Harquus: A SAFE black temporary tattoo:
No "black henna", NO PPD!

The Ancient Art of Blue
Blue Body Art: Indigo and Woad

Ancient Celts did blue body art, and you can too!

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